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Entoto Natural Park is home to 115 different bird species, and is recognized by Bird Life International as one of the Important Bird Areas of Ethiopia.


The conservation work in the Park done over the last 25 years has helped in the rejuvenation of a variety of plant and insect life, and hence in the provision of sympathetic habitats for an increasing variety of birds.
But the work needs constant support.

Five bird species found only in Ethiopia can be seen in the Park:


  • Abyssinian Catbird

  • Yellow-fronted Parrot

  • Ethiopian Siskin

  • Abyssinian Longclaw

  • Abyssinian Woodpecker

Blue-winged Goose.jpg

Blue-winged Goose. Source African Bird Club - Photo by: Thomas Varto Nielsen

A further 10 birds endemic to Ethiopia and Eritrea can also be seen in the Park:

  • Blue-winged Goose

  • Banded Barbet

  • White-collared Pigeon

  • Thick-billed Raven

  • Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher

  • Ethiopian Oriole

  • White-backed Black Tit

  • Red-headed Lovebird

  • Wattled Ibis

  • White-winged Cliff Chat

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