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Eric Robson's art 

A painter in love with Ethiopia.



Ethiopia has a scenic diversity that is hard to equal.  Some of its rich variety can be seen in Eric’s landscapes.

landscape cactus.jpg

Eric is generously donating 50% of the proceeds of sales to the Trust.

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Entoto Natural  Park

Eric’s paintings show views from the Entoto
Natural Park over Addis Ababa.


Over 450 plants, more than 30 mammals and 16 birds are unique to Ethiopia.  

All the flora and fauna in the painting on the right are from these endemics.



Entoto Natural Park is home to 115 different bird species, and is recognized by Bird Life International as one of the Important Bird Areas of Ethiopia.

The conservation work in the Park done over the last 25 years has helped in the rejuvenation of a variety of plant and insect life, and hence in the provision of sympathetic habitats for an increasing variety of birds.


This selection of portraits are
part of a series of 12 drawings done by Eric
 in the 1970’s when he travelled widely in Ethiopia and Eritrea. 
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